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click on their website link to choose your pad style and color and so you know their prices*** The Saddleright pad has climbed to the top of my list for pads in  2011! definitely impressive pads with a guarantee that can’t be beat! with the guarantee they offer you will NEVER have to purchase another pad in your lifetime! SADDLE-RITE pad cost new is 279.00. We use this pad for a gelding with a shoulder injury and he performs better with this pad than any other I have tried. The unique material does the absolute best job at snowshoeing the saddle and rider over the length of the pad. The saddle and rider literally levitate over the horses back while maintaining close contact! AMAZING! Occasionally I have riders over 300lbs that come for lessons or put their horse in training. Horses need special padding to enable them to carry these riders comfortably. SaddleRight builds a pad for this purpose! Horses with a “roachback” or exposed spine need special consideration in that area. SaddleRight builds it! The company also offers a lifetime guarantee no matter who owns it!


SaddleRight saddle pads are the single most amazing saddle pads I have come across to date!

I have watched this amazing pad stimulate the muscles in the horses back to allow their bodies to regenerate tissue lost from bad fitting saddles. Improper saddle fit can cause pressure points which have blocked the muscles and nerves from proper function. This pad allows the horses back to flow freely since it literally levitates the saddle and rider for maximum snowshoe affect.

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They have Americas best saddle pad guarantee and buy back and trade in!

I am a distributor for this amazing little company and am proud to say so. I believe in this pad because I’ve seen what it can do! And I am excited about it!

I am offering a 5% discount if you choose to order thru me

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